Oh, do you suppose she’s a wild flower?
— Marguerite, Alice in Wonderland

Are you Kate Jacobs???

I was Kate Jacobs, yes. :) I started my journey in this world some years ago and in the meantime I've changed and evolved.... I LOVED being Kate. Everything that made Kate special is still me: an ever glamorous, warm and inviting woman. There is NOTHING that I'm hiding from or running away from. If that were so- I (obviously) wouldn't be so upfront about the change. Looking forward to having you along for all the fun on my new adventure. Let's make it OUR adventure! 

Where are you based? do you travel?

I am based in both London and the greatest city on Earth, New York City (can you tell I'm a native New Yorker??). I travel all over the world and with advance notice can regularly arrange to meet in London, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, DC, and San Francisco. I'm more than happy to travel anywhere else - or at a specific time - specially to meet you.  I will occasionally tour to cities other than listed above, and you can definitely put in your requests! I'm excited to tour and YOUR interest will help me decide where to go, so do speak up and let me know. :)

How Do I know you'll like me?

I LOVE meeting new people. It's a true joy of my life! So long as you are courteous, treat me and others with respect, and practice good hygiene, we won't have any problems. I will admit that if you smell of cigarette smoke I'll be less inclined to like you. Smoke smell sucks.

Are you available for women?

A wholehearted YES! I wish it didn't even have to be listed as a question. 


What is verification/screening and how is it done?

The verification or screening process is the bit that people have all this stress about. It's really easy though and for BOTH of our benefits. Basically it's so that I can vet you out to a degree that I can feel super comfy meeting you. Please email me your full name, contact number (I will NOT call or text unless we expressly make plans for it), residence city/state, age, and basic physical description as well as the names and emails of three established ladies that you've seen within the last year. If you haven't seen that many ladies yet, or if it has been a while, we can screen you via your employment. It's an easy, discreet process. Please understand that I will NOT meet unless you have been screened.